Did you know that certain types of spinal problems benefit from wearing custom shoe inserts, or orthotics?  Orthotics help stabilize the foundation of the pelvis and spine, reducing abnormal forces and stresses, while improving structural and functional relationships.


“ The Natural Health & Chiropractic now offers our patients the FOOTMAXX SYSTEM. The FOOTMAXX is a unique, computerized gait and pressure analysis system that analyses walking to produce a state of the art prescription foot orthotic.
The patient simply walks across the FOOTMAXX force plate, which scans the foot in motion to determine the exact pattern of foot function and weight distribution throughout the stride. This information is displayed as a graphic two-dimensional or three-dimensional image which can be set in motion and reviewed with the patient.
We send the patient data, via modem, to the FOOTMAXX diagnostic and manufacturing lab. This advanced approach to ordering saves time and guarantees patient data integrity at the lab. Once at the lab, the patient data is analyzed. A gait and pressure analysis report is generated and the exact orthotic prescription is created.
Ask one of our doctors of chiropractic about the possibility of orthotics for you or a member of your family. Many insurance companies now cover the cost of prescription orthotics.