Margareta MacDonald

Margareta Camara MacDonald is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a registered social worker.  She has a BA double major Psychology/English. HBSW, B. Ed and Master of Education degrees and many certifications in hypnosis/hypnotherapy where she studied with many of the world’s leading hypnotists/hypnotherapists.  She has worked in the fields of social work and education for well over 25 years. Margareta is certified in EMDR/Blast (Advanced Level), Emotion Replacement Therapy by World Renowned Hypnotist Tom Silver, and is a certified Smoking Cessation Specialist in hypnosis and more.  Her certifications include Advanced BreathWork Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Goddess Energy Healing. Margareta is registered as a therapist, counsellor and psychotherapist so if you have benefits you may be able to claim your sessions and be reimbursed from your plan. If not, then it’s an amazing investment in yourself, your health, and healing, and your future that you can make!

Margareta has a practice of helping people with healing work, dealing with life challenges & stress, trauma P.S.T.D., inner child work, attachment/codependency, and the  healing of replay of unhealthy patterns in life. These therapies are natural and powerful also for challenges with pain, sleep issues, weight release, smoking cessation, grief, addictions, fears and phobias, mental health wellness, healing stuck emotional issues, and more. While not a replacement for medical healthcare with your providers, these therapy are a powerful way to add healing your body and subconscious physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health programs and can be a powerful addition to your medical team’s plan for your health.  Hypnotherapy allows you to quiet your conscious mind to become a highly receptive state for installing and replacing new thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviours and and rewiring new programs that help you achieve your goals, and positive change and manifestation of the life you want and truly deserve!